Developmental Pathways for Kids is a professionally designed, well-equipped therapy facility.

Our clinic environment was designed to be comfortable and stress-free, yet filled with excitement, inspiration and fun, which supports positive emotions and encourages learning.

Our Treatment Areas Include:
Sensory room which provides a safe and comfortable environment for children to explore various sensory input.

Fine motor area which provides a quiet and distraction-free environment with a great variation of therapy supplies making it ideal for training in fine motor skills, self-care skills, printing/writing skills, and visual perceptual training activities.

Two Gym Areas equipped with rock walls, zip lines, monkey bars and various sensory integration equipment such as a glider, spandex swings, large slide and trampoline, which provides a safe environment and exciting experiences for developing motor skills. An additional launch pad and loft area in the larger gym adds a fun place to meet as a group or jump off into a new adventure!

Speech and Language office equipped with ceiling hooks for swinging equipment, bean bag chairs, table area and mirror, and floor space designed for play.

Outdoor Play Area: a large yard for expanded play including a secret garden and surf shack used for pretend play schemes.